Oils & Butters

Olive Oil Greek Olive Oil
Olive Oil

What are oils and butters made of?

Oils and butters are mainly made of lipids.

According to the botanic source, they may be solid or liquid, as their natural state. Shorter (like coco) and straighter (saturated) carbon chains enable them to be closer to one another, providing thereby solidity to the material.

What is their function?

Lipids is the essential component of the membrane of our cells. So we continuously need them to regenerate our cells. And this occurs naturally as you eat fats (fortunately, not all of it is stored where we don’t want it). Lipids also naturally cover our skin, and protect it from dehydration, exactly like plants creating a wax on their leaves to survive long hours in the sun. When we wash our skin, we remove this lipid layer, and applying it through a cosmetic products protects your skin right away, while adding other properties (nutrients, water, anti-oxidants…).

Did you know it?

In the Ayurvedic tradition, any ingredient you put on the skin should be edible. Is it the case among your cosmetics? What if it were, would you find it strange?

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