Floral waters

Composition (INCI) water
Form transparent liquid
Origin groundwater or source water
Elaboration process water infused with ground flowers/leaves
Functions solvent + plants active properties
Dosage Quantum satis (as much as needed)
Solubility Slightly soluble in alcohol
Standard conservation In a cold place (prone to bacterial growth)
Usage precautions none

Create your own floral water !

  • Boil water (preferably deionized)
  • Add any part of the plant of your interest: mint leaves, rose buds, roots (cut in small pieces)… Keep it boiling between 10 and 30 minutes, according to the size and hardness of the piece
  • Filter, and recover the water
  • Pour it in a sterile packaging: as it is sterile – you can store it for 1 year at room temperature.

For heat-sensitive actives,  infuse the parts in a water at 50-80°C, during an extended period of time. The longer and harsher the heat treatment, the more active compounds will be destroyed.