Simple anti-perspirant

This recipe is simply amazing. First, it is minimalist, inocuous (it contains no alcohol and no aluminium salts), cheap, and it’s by far the most effective deodorant I have seen.

Ingredients % Function
Coco butter 40 Texture
Sodium bicarbonate 30 Reduce bacterial growth
Starch/Maizena 30 Drying
Palmarosa essential oil 0.1 Antiperspirant, fragrance


How does it work?

To sum up: it is a hostile environment for bacteria – which are responsible for the transpiration smell.

The shea butter is a fatty matrix in which there is almost no water – so no possible bacterial growth. The sodium bicarbonate increases the pH, reducing again the bacterial growth. Finally, the starch (Maizena for example) dries the underarm. That’s it.




  • If you have a sensitive skin, I recommend that you increase the shea butter and maizena amount, and decrease the bicabonate.
  • In addition the Palmarosa essential oils smells delicious and is antiperspirant – it’s a win-win!
  • Aloe vera is not indispensable, it bings a creamy texture but reduces the preservation of the deodorant. 100% fat is more stable over time.
  • Any solid vegetable butter will work the same way.



You’ll need a casserole, a fork and a container.

  1. Melt the shea butter in a casserole or in a hot-water bath
  2. Add the sodium bicarbonate and mix it
  3. Add the maïzena (if you directly add the maïzena it may cook)
  4. Add the aloe vera juice
  5. Finish with the essential oils
  6. Blend a last time

Pour in your countainers, and leave them cool down in the fridge.



A small amount (half of the quantity of cream for the face) is sufficient to be effective.
You can take the anti-perspirant with your finger of with a small comestics spatula.




  • Bee's wax face cream