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Our skin is covered by hair folicles and pores, that produce a protective layer made of lipids and keratin (which is a protein), and release the sweat. They can get contaminated or plugged by dirt present in our environment. But don’t worry, the “good bacteria” that colonize the skin surface (like micrococcineae, propionibacterineae, corynebacterineae…) handle that well.

But when and it’s on your face, and it becomes dark (due to oxidation)… you want to get rid of it.

By making your own facial scrub – which is by the way applicable on your entire body. So you basically need a scrubbing agent, under the form of a coarse powder. You’d rather prefer something organic (minerals are too hard), and soft (crystalline sugar and charcoal is too hard – and irritating). I recommend you coffee waste (from ground coffee, or even from your capsules (deep inside)).

Because coffee also brings some lipids, it will compensate the exfoliating effect – which can leave the skin dry and favor irritation.

That’s how we should think our formula: it’s mainly an exfoliating compound (coffee waste) + an emollient to releave the skin + a fat source to nourish and relipidate the skin surface.





  1. Melt the vegetable with butter
  2. Add the vegetable oil
  3. Add the coffee grounds
  4. In a clean container, place the the oils and finally add the aqueous phase: water, lemon juice and aloe vera, and mix with an electric blender or shake vigourously
  5. Add the coffee and mix with a fork
  6. Let it cool down before adding an essential oil, I recommend Tea Tree which is both a preservative agent (for the product) and cleaning agent (for the skin)

Remember that scrubbing fragilizes your skin. So the purest your formula, the least compounds will penetrate your skin.And it is so ecological: 100% vegetal! Of course, organic coffee is even better. Essential oils are … not essential. You’ll rinse it off right away so why flavor your scrubbing? Besides, if you prefer creamy textures, you can replace the vegetable oil by some facial or body cream.

After the scrubbing, you should feel the lipid layer left bu the coffee and the vegetable oil. You can then add a simple moisturizing cream.

I hope that you’ll enjoy it !


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