Body hygiene

This section focuses on the products used daily and in high quantity. The selection of recipes is:

For each usage, a single recipe is proposed. This basic recipe can then be adjusted according to your available ingredients and specific needs. You can add your perfumes, texturizing agents, colors and actives.

The recipes are therefore as simple as possible. They were all tested. They may further be modified along their optimization. Any suggestion could help to improve them. Thanks for your support !

If you’d like to see other recipes, please suggest it in a comment!



Why no shower gel?

Because a raw solid soap  is a perfect alternative to shower gel : is is better preserved, it is light, lasts longer, and ecological: it contains no additive. It is hard to make the soap oneself though. It requires a saponification with sauda and can be dangerous for the skin if the reaction is not fully mastered. A common practice in “slow cosmetics” is to melt a raw soap and to add ingredients (vegetable and essential oils, herbs, etc.), the new soap solidifies while cooling. If you like to do if this way, it is safe ! Beware of burns though 😉

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