Mosquito-repellent cream

This cream is a must-have if you live in an area rich in mosquitos. It will help to sleep at night, even if one of these bugs found its way to your room.


This cream is a regular body cream – it is quite nourishing, which makes it compatible as “after-shower” and night body cream. It is also useful during walk at night, where mosquito usually attack.


It is made of vegetable oils & butters, any is actually possible, which may lead to slightly different result. The ratio oil/butter is the one that matters most for the texture.

The amount of emulsifier is critical if you use a different form, this one is a dried form.

The water can be floral or simple deionized water.


You’ll need: a cooking pot, a container (ideally glass or metal), a whip or ideally an electric blender, an equipment to heat water (micro-wave, cooking pot or kettle)


  1. Add the vegetable butter and emultifier in a hot-water bath, Leave it melt
  2. Add the vegetable oil
  3. Heat the water to ca. 50°C, add the aloe vera and mix with a fork
  4. Pour the water in the oil blend
  5. Strongly mix
  6. Leave it cool down to ca. 30°C
  7. Add the essential oils
  8. Mix again
  9. Leave it cool in the fridge



The texture may evolve for 48h, it’s normal, and for the better: it gets thicker and creamier. I really like the texture and the scent of this cream. It’s not to strong but still enough to repell the mosquitos. The smell fades away after 3-4 hours, for a longer use, you can prepare a small conainer and take it in your bag.

I hope that you’ll find this recipe useful !


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