Honey lip balm

This lipstick contains only gentle (and even edible) ingredients, and respects therefore the principes of Ayurveda, a traditional indial medicine. 



It mainly contains fats, the white clay is facultative. I tried it to bring more firmness, and it actually makes the result more mat and discrete. It can be used by men and women.

Any vegetable butter can be used (not margarine). And any vegetable oil can also be used: adjust to your taste !



The fabrication is really simple:

  • Melt the bees wax and the butter together, add the oil.
  • Add the clay (facultative), the honey (facultative), and mix.
  • Let it cool down to 40°C (in order to prevent burns) and pour it in the countainers.
  • Leave it cool for a few hours in a fridge.

With 100 mL, you can prepare 10 lipstiks !

The most expensive in lipstick may be the packaging. So why not reuse the old commercial lipstick packagings (after cleaning and rinsing with alcohol).

Please tell me what you think of this recipe !

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