Laundry care

These laundry care recipes are simple and really ecological. We propose here 2 recipes, a liquid and a powder version.


1. Liquid laundry care


2. Washing powder 


The white vinegar can be added as fabric softener in the rinsing container of the washing machine, about 10 cL (1/2 cup) for a full drum.If you don’t have any washing soda (sodium carbonate), you can substitute it by baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), but you need to add twice the amount, as it’s less effective.

Borax can be used as preservative & whitening agent. Nevertheless, it is an oxidative agent, and is not natural.


The powder version can be stored up to 1 year.

The liquid version should not be stored as long. It is recommended to prepare 100mL and to used it directly in the washing machine, or 4-5 doses at a time.



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