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Welcome to this website on cosmetics and hygiene products formulation !

This site may be helpful if you are:

  • looking for recipes to create your own products
  • curious about the formula of the products you use everyday
  • doubting about the efficiency of natural products

Let’s start by 5 reasons for starting to make your own cosmetics and hygiene products:

  1. It’s fun and gratifying: you’ll feel like both a chemist and a cook !
  2. Your products will be efficient and specifically designed for YOUR needs and preferences (fragrance, properties…)
  3. It’s cheaper: at the store, a good natural product can bey 2 or more times more expensive than a standard one. When you make your products, and know what and where to buy, you can considerably reduce the cost of this activity.
  4. It’s ecological : as YOU decide which ingredients you use, you can encourage:
    > Local production, short distribution circuits, faire-trade…
    > Organic cultural practices, non chemically-modified ingredients…
  5. It’s safe: as long as you apply the basics of cosmetics formulation, the products are more hypoallergenic than conventional ones. As for the risk of allergy, the traditional 24h skin test is recommended for sensitive skins.

Two categories are proposed:


Why base recipes ?

The recipes proposed are bases. They can be completed by each one, according to one’s particular needs (selection of actives) and perfume preferences (essential oils, floral waters). Simplicity is my key word in formulation. For each function, a minimum of ingredients are used: 1 or 2 if they are complementary. For example 2 vegetable butters having a different melting point, will balance each other.

Additionnaly, they are flexible in terms of ingredients. For example a vegetable oil can be repaced by another. This helps to reduce waste !


As this site is recent, please contact me for any suggestion or comment !


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