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    Welcome to this site on the formulation of cosmetics and hygiene products !

    • You’re curious about the formula of the products you use everyday
    • You doubt about the efficiency of natural products
    • You are looking for recipes to create your own products

    Then this site should answer your questions, and stimulate your creativity for the elaboration of your own everyday products !
    Let’s start by 5 reasons for starting to make your own cosmetics and hygiene products:

    1. It’s easyand gratifying: you’ll feel like a chemist and a cook !
    2. Your products will beefficient and specifically designed for your needs and preferences (fragrance, properties…)
    3. It’scheaper: at the store, a good natural product can bey 2 or more times more expensive than a standard one. When you make your products, and know what and where to buy, you can considerably reduce their cost. It also makes gread personalized gifts.
    4. It’secological : as you decide which ingredients you use, you can encourage:
      > Local production, short distribution circuits, faire-trade…
      > Organic cultural practices, non-modified ingredients…
    5. It’ssafe: as long as you apply the basics of cosmetics formulation, the products are absolutely safe. As for the risk of allergy for sensitive skins when using new ingredients or essential oils, the traditional 24h skin test is recommended*.


Two categories are proposed:

Controversed ingredients are purposedly not discussed. For further information in these area, the reports of the corresponding authorities are available on their websites and should clarify these topics, as far as the scientific research is so far.


Please contact me for any suggestion or comment !



About the author:

Hi, I’m Julie-Anne, plants & science lover. I look for ingredients with specific properties and uses, and test them by formulating products. My target is to create functional products with as few ingredients as possible, according to a minimalist principle.

This site presents some of my recipes, with an attention given to explaining the choice of each ingredient and dosage. I hope it will inspire you to making your own daily products!



*Skin sensitivity test: Apply some product on a small area and check during the next 24h that you observe no skin reddening.

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